Welcome friends to my new site called Princess Dreams. This site is named after my pomeranian Princess. I love her so much! This is a fun site for blinkies, pixel adoptions, stationery scans, scrapbooking, crafts, games, and other fun cliques. The layout will change often, since I get bored quickly. I thought I would use this site to change the layouts and just to have fun designing, since Miss Doolittles has gotten too big. Navigation is to the right on the vending machine. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
March 26, 2003: I adopted some cute Sanrio sweets. You can see them by clicking on ME-MY ADOPTIONS!
March 24, 2003: Today I purchased two new items for my YUM YUM SHOPPE from Christine!
March 22, 2003: I finally changed the layout. Vanilla Coke-Version 2.0 Hope you like it!
January 16, 2003: I added MY DESKTOP to the ME section of the site!
January 13, 2003: More chunky white letters were added to the BLINKIE MAKER. Also, more site link charms were added to MY CHARM BRACELET.
January 12, 2003: I added a site link charm bracelet. You can see it under the ME section and click on MY CHARM BRACELET!
January 8, 2003: I joined 3 new cliques today! I love Sanrio, I love San-X and Yum Yum Shoppe. You can see my shoppe under the ME section of the site. I'm just getting opened so keep checking for new pixie goodies to trade. You can open your own Yum Yum Shoppe too just click on the link. It's so much fun to trade pixie drawings with others.
January 7, 2003: Today I added a new BLINKIE MAKER. It's kinda small, but the blocks have really pretty colors. Hope you like it!